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This page links to information about the Bradshaw family of Schenectady County, NY. It covers the descendants of James Bradshaw and Elizabeth Bullick Bradshaw, who came from Derbyshire, England, in 1775, and settled in Princetown, NY. One of their descendants was Isabel Bradshaw Savage Hughes (1895-1991).


bradshaw.html -- summarizes the line from James and Elizabeth Bradshaw to Isabel Hughes. It was originally posted on November 23, 1998, and was slightly edited in 2002 and on August 20, 2006. Watch for additional improvements.

The Bradshaw Family Bible

bradshawbible.html -- Transcription of the family history pages in a Bible owned by George W. Bradshaw at his death in 1977. (This replaces a partial transcription by Mrs. Hughes, which was previously posted on the web.)

Early Bradshaw Wills

Here are transcriptions, with commentary, of some early wills, copied from Schenectady County records.

(Word versions)

James Bradshaw, son of James and Elizabeth, "born on ocean" 1775, d. 1858
Elizabeth Bullick Bradshaw, wife of James Bradshaw, d. 1868
Joseph Bradshaw, son of James and Elizabeth, d. 1848
Joseph Bradshaw, son of Joseph and grandson of James and Elizabeth, d. 1850

(Web versions -- html files made from the Word versions)

James Bradshaw, d. 1858 (html)
Elizabeth Bullick Bradshaw, d. 1868 (html)
Joseph Bradshaw, d. 1848 (html)
Joseph Bradshaw, d. 1850 (html)

Census records

List of all persons with the surname Bradshaw in the 1860 census for Rotterdam and Princetown, Schenectady County, NY. (There are no Bradshaws listed in Duanesburg.
Word version
Web version (html)

List of the first three generations

INCOMPLETE and possibly inexact list of the children and grandchildren of James and Elizabeth, compiled from multiple sources:
Text file
Web version (html)

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