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When Professor George W. Bradshaw died in Lawrence, Kansas, in 1977, he owned a Bible containing a record of the Bradshaw family. From internal evidence the earliest entries were made by James Bullick Bradshaw. The Bible passed to Marian Shuff and then to me, and I made the transcription below on August 15, 2006. It may be imperfect, and I hope to edit it more carefully soon.

The Bible itself was apparently published in 1846. The front pages are missing, but the introductory page of the New Testament gives that date.

A loose page stored with the Bible contains additional entries, in pencil, beginning with a list of the children of James Bradshaw and Elizabeth Bullick Bradshaw. This is the page that Isabel Hughes copied in 1977. I transcribed her copy onto a web page several years ago, but now I can replace it with my own transcription of the loose page, below.

Notes in square brackets are by me.

--- Walter Stromquist (132 Bodine Road, Berwyn, PA 19312)


James B Bradshaw &
Agnes Turnbull was
Maried Jan 1st 1834
by the Rev Tho Frasier

[The remaining entries refer to the children of James and Agnes:
Robert, George T., Maria, Hannah A., Andrew, and John.]

Robert Bradshaw &
Almira A Sniffin was
Married July 3d, 1856
by the Rev Mr. Backus

Solomon Bradshaw
Maria Bradshaw
Was Married Oct 7th/57
by the Rev Mr Spaulding

George T. Bradshaw and
Delia O. Weld was married
April [corrected in pencil to March] 15th 1863 by the Rev
Mr. Horning.
[Other evidence gives March 15 as the correct date.]

Walter B. Bradshaw
And Hanna A Bradshaw
was married Nov 11th 1863,
by the Rev. Mr Leyon

Andrew J. Bradshaw and
Anna Robbins was
Married August 28th
1866 by the Rev Mr. Brazee

John A. Bradshaw
Jennie F Perkins
was Married Oct.5/81
By Rev. R. A. Neill.


Robert was Born March 23st 1835
George Turnbull was Born May 12th 1836
Maria was Born Dec 30th 1838
Hannah Ann was Born August 25th 1842
Andrew James was Born May 15th 1845

John Alexander was Born May 22d 1852

James B. Bradshaw
was born Oct. 5th 1810
[Other evidence gives Oct. 17, 1810.  Oct. 5 is probably correct.]

Agnes Turnbull was
born Feb. 2nd 1814


Walter Maxwell Son
of Robert Bradshaw &
Almira his Wife was
born March 10th 1857

James was Born
August 29th 1858

Anna was Born
November 25th 1861

Marion Bradshaw
Daughhter of G.T.Bradshaw
was born Oct.4th 1868
[Marion Bradshaw married Bert David Savage, and Marian 
Shuff added a record of their descendants to the Bible.
I will copy it to this web page soon.]

Charles Weld Bradshaw
Son of G.T.Bradshaw was
born Aug. 1st 1870


Robert Bradshaw
Died August 15th 1864
of Chronic Diarrhea while
a prisoner of war in the
Andersonville prison
Georgia.  He enlisted in
his country's service Sept.
1862 as a private in comaany
E. 18th. Regt. U.S.V.
was promoted to 1st Sargeant.
Aged 29 years 4 months
and 24 days.

[Robert's widow's pension application says that he was a Corporal in 
Co E, 121st Regt of NY V commanded by Col. Upton, and was killed at 
Spotsylvania Court House, VA, May 10, 1864.]

Andrew James Bradshaw
Died March 15" 1876
aged 30 years & 10 Months.

Agnes Bradshaw
wife of Jas. B. Bradshaw
died Oct. 24" 1881
aged 67 years 8
months & 22 days

James B. Bradshaw.
Died. June 30" 1883
aged 72 years 8 months.
and 25 days.
[This is consistent with an October 5, 1810 birthdate.]

[Pencil notes on loose page stored with Bible]

James Bradshaw       born in Derbyshire England 1734-1817
Elizabeth Bullick B.   "      "      "      "   1744-1812
John Bradshaw Derbyshire    1769
Helen              "        1771
Elizabeth          "        1773
James          on ocean     1775
Geo          Princeton N.Y. 1776 [The modern spelling is Princetown]
Thos.              "        1778
Robert             "        1780-1867
Benj               "        1782
Mary               "        1784
Joseph             "        1786

Children of Robert Bradshaw
   James Bullick Bradshaw   1810-1883
   Andrew                   1812-1844
   Elizabeth                1814-1839
   William                  1816-
   Barbary Ann              1818
   George                   1820
   Robert                   1823-1859
   Hannah Ann               1825-1826
   Helen                    1827-1828

children of James.
    Robert      1835-1864
    George      1836
    Maria       1838
    Hannah      1842
    Andrew      1845-1876
    John        1852