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This page lists some of the ancestors and relatives of Isabel Bradshaw Savage (Hughes) (1895-1991), a descendant of James Bradshaw, who came from Derbyshire, England to Princetown, New York in 1775.

This was originally posted on November 23, 1998. It was slightly edited in 2002 and again on August 20, 2006, based on a corrected transcription of the family Bible. Watch for further additions and corrections.

Index to this page:
James Bradshaw 1734-1813, Elizabeth Bullick 1744-1812
Children of James and Elizabeth
Children of Robert and Hannah Bradshaw
Children of James Bullock Bradshaw and Agnes Turnbull
Robert Bradshaw 1835-1864
George Turnbull Bradshaw 1836-1917, Delia Olivia Weld 1838-1904
John Bradshaw (b. 1852), Ada Bradshaw (b. 1883)

James Bradshaw 1734-1813
Elizabeth Bullick 1744-1812

We have their names and these dates from the Bradshaw family Bible, which says that they were both born in Derbyshire, England, as were the first three of their ten children. Their son James Bradshaw, Jr., is shown in the bible as being born "on ocean" in 1775, and their remaining six children as being born in Princetown, in Schenectady County, New York. An online history of Princetown says that "The Bradshaw family came over from England in 1775," and lists the Turnbull family among the early Scot families of the town. Another online history (sorry, link broken as of 8/15/2006) of Princetown cites evidence of an Indian attack on the Bradshaw farm (perhaps in support of the Tories during the Revolution) and lists James Bradshaw as one of the Overseers of the Poor elected at the first town meeting in 1798. The Schenectady County Public Library has an excellent website with more county history.

The name Bullick is not entirely clear in the family Bible; it could be Bullich.

Children of James and Elizabeth Bradshaw

The family bible lists these:
 (born in Derbyshire)
  John (1769), Helen (1771), Elizabeth (1773)
 (born "on ocean")
  James (1775)
 (born in Princetown, NY)
  George (1776), Thomas (1778), Robert (1780-1867), Benjamin (1782), Mary (1784), Joseph (1786)

The index to the records of the Schenectady Dutch Reform Church contains this entry:
  "Joseph Bradshaw, born Nov. 17, bapt. Feb. 27, 1787, son of James Bradshaw and Elizabeth Bullock."
(I have copied this from a 1962 letter from the New York State Library. The dates and the spelling of "Bullock" are clear.)

Robert Bradshaw was born July 11, 1780, and died April 17, 1867. He married Hannah, born 1785. (Source?)

Children of Robert and Hannah Bradshaw

From the bible:

James Bullich Bradshaw 1810-1883 (middle name Bullock elsewhere)
Andrew 1812-1844
Elizabeth 1814-1839
William 1816
Barbary Ann 1818
George 1820
Robert 1823-1859
Hannah Ann 1825-1826
Helen 1827-1828

James Bullock Bradshaw was born October 17, 1810, in Rotterdam, NY, and died June 30, 1883. He married Agnes Turnbull, who was born 1814 in Princetown, NY and died October 21, 1881. (Sources?) The Turnbulls were among the early Scot families in Princetown, NY (see above).

Children of James Bullock Bradshaw and Agnes Turnbull Bradshaw

Robert 1835-1864
George 1836
Maria 1838
Hannah 1842
Andrew 1845-1876
John 1852

Robert Bradshaw 1835-1864

Robert Bradshaw was born March 21, 1885. He married Almira A. Sniffins on July 3, 1856, at the Presbyterian Church in Schenectady, NY, and they had one child, Walter M. Bradshaw, born March 10, 1857. They lived in Princetown.

He enlisted as a Private in Company E, 121st Regiment of NY Volunteers, commanded by Col. (later Gen.) Upton, and was present with the regiment during July and August, 1863. According to a government document sent to his widow in 1864, he was killed on May 10, 1864 in the battle of Spotsylvania Court House, Virginia. A conflicting entry in the family Bible says that he died of illness on Aug. 15, 1864, in Andersonville Prison, a notorious Confederate prisoner-of-war camp in Georgia.

Links to the fascinating history of the 121st New York Volunteers, which was part of the Army of the Potomac, are maintained by the Otsego County (NY) GENWEB site. I recommend especially the Delevan Bates Civil War Letters and West Point's page honoring General Upton. These sources do not mention Robert Bradshaw, who joined the Regiment after it was formed in August, 1862. (Sorry, all three of the links in this paragraph were broken as of 8/15/2006. I'll try to correct them.)

Almira Bradshaw later married Thomas O. Dorn of Duanesburgh (Schenectady County) on April 3, 1866, in the old Dutch Reformed Church.

George Turnbull Bradshaw 1836-1917
Delia Olivia Weld (Ida Bradshaw) 1838-1904

George Turnbull Bradshaw in about 1907

George Turnbull Bradshaw was born in Princetown on May 12, 1836. He graduated the Jonesville Seminary in Saratoga, NY, and attended Union College in Schenectady from 1860, leaving as a Junior in November, 1863. (He is listed in Union College alumni records with the class of 1864.)

Delia Olivia Weld was born about January 1, 1838, in New York state, and lived in Wells, in Hamilton County. Her parents were William Reynald Weld (b. Oct. 11, 1806, Charleton, NY) and Sarah Elizabeth Johnson (Weld) (b. 1813, Vermont). Her family is chronicled in the 1938 book Weld Collections by Charles Frederick Robinson, and more particularly in the 1939 supplement prepared by Lincoln H. Weld, both of which are available in genealogical libraries.

The couple were married on March 15, 1863. Later records refer to Mrs. Bradshaw as "Ida" or "Ida W. Bradshaw."

George was briefly principal of Canajoharie High School (in New York). The couple moved in about 1866 to Waupun, Wisconsin (near Ripon) where George was for two years principal of the South Ward School. He then clerked for a grain firm. Their daughter Marion Bradshaw was born October 4, 1868, and their son Charles W. Bradshaw was born two years later.

In 1871, the family joined the Northwestern Colony, a group organized in Ripon to establish a settlement on the frontier. Cutler's History of Kansas (published in 1883 by Andreas) tells how the colony arrived at what was then called Fossil Station in Kansas on April 19, 1871, and how they lived in four borrowed railroad cards (there being only two small buildings in the county at the time) while they built what is now the city of Russell. By March 8, 1974, there was a Congregational Church for the Bradshaws to join. George helped to found a flour mill and a trading firm, and traveled frequently to both the east and west coasts.

(Cutler's History is maintained on the web by the Kansas Collections. For the introductory page to the history, click here. The history includes a brief biography of George T. Bradshaw).

Sometime after 1883 (and probably after their daughter's marriage in 1893) George and Ida moved to Hemet, California, where George became manager of the Hemet Milling and Power Company. Ida Bradshaw died in Hemet of a stroke on May 30, 1904 (aged 66 years, 5 months, according to the death certificate). Her death was reported in the Hemet County News on June 3.

George T. Bradshaw returned to Schenectady County in 1906. In 1909 he married Margaret Rodger of Schenectady. She died in July, 1917, and he died after a brief illness on October 28, 1917. His funeral was at the home of his brother-in-law, James Barhydt, and he was buried in Vale Cemetery.

John A. Bradshaw (b. 1852)
Ada Bradshaw (b. May, 1883)

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Bradshaw joined the Congregational Church in Russell, Kansas, on June 21, 1891, and received a letter of dismissal (presumably to join another church) on May 1, 1901.

Their daughter Ada Bradshaw joined the Congregational Church on February 4, 1900. At the time of the 1900 Census she was living in Russell with the family of Marion Bradshaw Savage (George Turnbull Bradshaw's daughter). She married Frank Winslow in 1903. When he was killed in a railroad accident she moved to California, where she married William Booth and taught in the Oxnard, California schools for 29 years. She died in 1958.

Walter Stromquist
November 23, 1998

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